Sonic BA2 - Engine Test 01

Sonic BA2 - Engine Test 01

(If the game appears to be displaying 2 Sonic's, this means GM surfaces are not supported by your computer, press F8 to fix this issue, disabling the Skylight and Blur effect)

A very raw first engine test release to see how the basics are grasped by players, there is no indication in-game at the moment :

Arrows to move
WASD (or ZQSD) to do specific actions
D = Attack, throw TVs, certain other moves, etc

S = Jump, air move, spinball charge-up, etc

W = pick up TVs, or throw bombs when combined with up or down

A = Block (not working yet, however, can be combined to charge up special shields, such as D+A, W+D)

Quickly tapping a "Left" or "Right" arrow twice will execute a dash, or air dash

Every single combination of WASD + "Up" or "Down" will execute a different move, some are even combinable to execute combos!

Feel free to try the movement and attacks around and leave your impression on the handling of the game in general

Released 2009-09-29
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