Milo Applequest

by Darkleo

The Evil Spirit of Forest is kidnapping all the apples of Applekingdom to make something terrible! Milo, a brave raccon, citizen of Applekingdom runs against the Spirit to stop him but he failed and the Spirit's escaped! Help Milo to get all the apples of the Kingdom before the Spirit of Forest does through more than 30 levels of action with different goals to reach and many secrets to unluck! The game have a save system!

Tags: platform, milo, applequest, raccon, jump, run, apple, genesis, mega, drive, snes, golden, retro, forest, desert

Released 2009-09-25
Category Platform
Rating 4.1 (by 32 users)
Downloads 4467
Version 3
ID 97620
Slug milo-applequest