Anime Rumble

Anime Rumble is a 2-player fighting game characters from 3 of Shonen Jump's most popular mangas; Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Yu Yu Hakusho. You can chose up to 9 characters and fight in up to 3 areas; the Rocky Mountains, the Hidden Leaf Village, and the Dark Tournament. Each character has a 3 hit combo with 2 finishers as well as 3 different moves; the rapid attack, the special attack, and the ultimate attack. You can fight either the computer or the 2 Player. Either way, you'll have one hell of a match while playing this game.

The characters are as followed

Rapid attack (Energy Blast)
Special attack (Kamehameha)
Ultimate attack (Super Saiyan 3 Kamehameha)

Rapid attack (Shuriken)
Special attack (Shadow Clone Jutsu)
Ultimate attack (Rasengan)

Rapid attack (Shotgun)
Special attack (Spirit Gun)
Ultimate attack (Super Spirit Gun)

Rapid attack (Energy Blast)
Special attack (Big Bang Attack)
Ultimate attack (Final Flash)

Rapid attack (Shuriken)
Special attack (Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu)
Ultimate attack (Chidori)

Rapid attack (Flame Sword Blast)
Special attack (Fist of the Mortal Flame)
Ultimate attack (Dragon of the Darkness Flame)

Rapid attack (Energy Blast)
Special attack (Speical Beam Cannon)
Ultimate attack (Scatter Shot)

Rapid attack (Shuriken)
Speical attack (Shadow Clone Jutsu)
Ultimate Attack (Lightning Blade)

Rapid attck (Rose Dart)
Special attack (Rose Whip)
Ultimate attack (Yoko Kurama Death Tree)

The changes I've done to the game are
1. Fixed the Naruto characters' ultimate moves so they can follow the player before hitting them with their attack.
2. Added a guarding system.
3. Changed Kakashi's sprites when he's facing left.
4. Fixed the sound quality.
5. Changed the controls mainly for Player 2.

I would like to give credit to the following
Damaged (Platform Engine)
Trollsplatterer (Ai Platform Engine)
FlyingSausage (Character Select Engine)
GreenYoshi94 (Pause Game Example)
Fede-lasse (Combo Engine)
Stevmay09 (Player Cursor Code)
Mice (Fighting Style Healthbar Engine)
Destron (Dual Healthbar Engine)

Tags: anime, rumble, player, fighting, game, dragon, ball, dbz, naruto, yu, hakusho

Released 2009-08-09
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