Base Defender V2

Base Defender V2 is here!

Base Defender is a TDS (top down shooter) game in which you defend your base by killing tons of enemies.

Base Defender V2 has a whole new graphics theme and new unlockables. Heaps of new features include an in-game mp3 player, new weapons, secure score file and gameplay improvements. If you loved version 1, this will blow you away!

A list of improvements can be found at:

The game starts off really easy, then gets harder and harder until all you can do it use powerups and bombs to kill as many enemies as you possibly can. Survive for as long as possible while you increase your score to unlock special game modes and more.

Features in-game AND browser online scores. Open the game to access these features.

Unlockable Game Modes and other sweet stuff to keep you interested.

What players said about the first version:

By far the best game I've played in a while.
A simple classic.
Amazing graphics.
Smooth gameplay.
I do believe this should be featured.
Very very well made game.
This seriously deserves a Staff pick.
I love it!
Cool, fun, intense.
Honestly, I cannot find any cons at all!

Version 2.0
File Size: 6.51 MB
Fullscreen: No (optional)
Help file: In-game

Copyright Sam Whillance 2009

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Released 2009-08-02
Category Arcade
Rating 4.3 (by 142 users)
Downloads 6450
Version 1
ID 91624
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