Super Mario Bros. DDX

by Guinea

A Super Mario Bros. type of game that contains 6 regular worlds, an epic story (the final boss fight has been called the most epic boss fight ever seen by some), and semi-new gameplay elements such as the Mega Mushroom.
Be good enough to find the six bonus levels and unlock the two extra worlds "R" and "M" for more fun after playing the regular story.

Nominated for "Best Show of NCFC 2007" award, received a 9.2/10 on MFGG. Now for the first time officially released outside of MFGG.

This game is a tribute to Nintendo, Mario and related stuff does not belong to me.

Tags: mario, luigi, ddx, deluxe, worx, mfgg, mega, classic, retro, super, bros

Released 2009-07-21
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Rating 4.6 (by 96 users)
Downloads 10228
Version 1
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