Land of Monsters

If you liked 'Flash Element TD' you will like this too. Hire workers, let them chop wood and mine stone and build towers with it to defend your castle from the monsters. Hire knights and send them to destroy the hostile castle. If you manage to destroy the hostile castle, you may enter the ONLINE HISCORE! The game has 3 different modes: normal, hard and extreme. There's also a tutorial.

Language select: Dutch/English (it's possible to make language files for other languages as well)
Full screen mode: press F11
Change speed: use the speed button on the right.

Tags: land, of, monsters, strategy, flash, element, td, tower, defence, defend, your, castle

Released 2007-08-08
Category Strategy
Rating 3.6 (by 204 users)
Downloads 6192
Version 17
ID 8348
Slug land-of-monsters