Nintendo Nightmare

you may use f5 and f6 to play.
If ever you load with f6 and the screen is black, press f7 to make it normal
If you are stuck in the game, here is the walkthrough:

The final version of the game.
The saga is now complete!
Thanks to all the ones who supported me.

I made this game entirely by myself (except I ripped sprites and textures on internet)

Tags: nintendo, nightmare, mario, stupid, game, adventure, resident, evil, zelda, link, final, fantasy, pokemon, lol, dumb, tags, wtf, luigi, mansion, pikmin, metal, slug, survival, platform, shooting, 3d

Released 2009-05-29
Category Adventure
Rating 4.0 (by 235 users)
Downloads 16800
Version 2
ID 83379
Slug nintendo-nightmare