Men of War 2

Install from here: instead of from yoyogames.

Hey everybody, here is Men of War 2. The new one =)
It has an auto-updater, so when i'm done with a new version i'll upload it and it will update automatically. This game needs some time to download the game files for the first time, its like 40 mb, so please be patient.

You can create an account on the site,
Its also smarter to download the game from here: (wich is also the official site) this is just because the YoYoGames thing isn't always that reliable. Please rate and comment 😊 Thanks!

Tags: men, of, war, beta, offline, online, mmorpg, mmo, rpg, fps, shooter, kill, own, pwn, shoot, blackhawk, rob, quist

Released 2009-05-15
Category Shooter
Rating 3.8 (by 92 users)
Downloads 3744
Version 1
ID 81813
Slug men-of-war-2