Pacman maze!

PACMAN v.1.0

Pacman is a maze game where you have to get all of the dots then you will move on to the next level.

Pacman movement:
Left key-Moves pacman left.
Right key-Moves pacman right.
Up key-Moves pacman up.
Down key-Moves pacman down.
NOTE: You have to press these keys continuously.

There are 5 different types of monsters:
Monster 1-The green one kills you.
Monster 2-The pink one takes 20 points off your score.
Monster 3-The orange one takes 50 points off your score.
Monster 4-The red one takes 75 points off your score.
Monster 5-The blue one takes 100 points off your score.
NOTE: Please report any problems in the game on THANKS!

Released 2009-05-09
Category Arcade
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