Tower Defense without a name V4

It is a tower defense game like you know but this one has a wide variety of towers and (special) upgrades. It also is very customizable. There is a readme included with the game. but if you have previously played a defense game you could easily pick up and play this game. NOTE: it is recommended that your screen resolution is a minimum of 1024X768 (else press F4 to go to full screen mode).

Have fun and make suggestions...
If you have come this far, thanks.

change log:
- lots of bug fixes
- added one new map
- added a map editor
- made completely new begin menu
- added button rollover effects
- right mouse for info works for more buttons now
- added 7th tower: morph tower
- added new special map: Invasion
- added 6 special enemy types
- removed all show_message functions and replaced them with my own version
- made a lot of optimisations
- now works on vista computers
- balance changes
- added a table of enemy health in the begin menu


- added special map: endless wave
-addde special map: space siege
-overall balance changes
-begin menu changed a lot.

original release

Tags: tower, defense, turret, towerdefense, td, without, name, laser, rocket, missle, v4, mapeditor, map, editor, maped

Released 2007-08-04
Category Strategy
Rating 3.9 (by 144 users)
Downloads 4928
Version 5
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Slug tower-defense-without-a-name-v4