Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure 4

by LHP

This Sonic the Hedgehog Fangame is one of the best: 9 huge detailed and realistic zones, 3D Special Stages, rings, enemies, springs, spikes and all kinds of stuff, and bonuses throughout the game!

Cheat Keys:
Page Up: Skip level
R: Restart Game
F: Toggle FPS meter
S at title screen: Sound Test

Tags: sonic, the, hedgehog, adventure, tails, knuckles, eggman, best, game, rings, chaos, emeralds, cream, cheese, greenhill, green, hill, zone, springyard, spring, yard, cool, fun, fast, lhp, robologan

Released 2007-08-02
Category Platform
Rating 3.6 (by 65 users)
Downloads 5945
Version 2
ID 7841
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