Sonic Universe Adventure demo 1.0

It's not my ultimate project yet (SA3) But many fans on the FGX insider can't wait any longer for the release of my other project. So here's the first demo of my new game. Sonic universe adventure where i have spend the last 6 weeks on!!

- 1 great stage of Kraata planet. Wich will even run with a fast frame rate on slow comps.
- Unique graphics drawed by myself ( like in the whole game)
- Not as good as sa3. But the leveldesign is pretty sweet. with many alternative routes.
- Great and fun to use gimmicks. For the complete sonic experience
- 4 extra missions for this first demo. You can upgrade your rank with it and unlock new characters.
- An upgradeble rank mode ( who will be the first who can reach godly mode???)
- some new screenshots about other stages and planets.

The Complete game includes:

- A new plot, nice story made in gamemaker (spritemovies)
- more than 5 planets across the galaxy. With normal stages, speedstages, secret
stages, special stages, blackholeszones. etc
- The chaos emeralds are back to collect.
- 2 Playble story's. Hero side and the unlockable dark side.
- Use the the new ship of tails ( Space tornado to fly across the galaxy to find
new planets and stuff)
- Sonic starts with only jump and run abillity's. You have to upgrade him later with
things like homing attack, spindash, bounce, quick step. etc... Als you have to
level sonics speed up. Sonic starts slow and will be faster and faster during the
- The game will be interresting to the very end.
- (upgraded) Oldschool sonic spritestyle and feeling.

Hope you will enjoy of this first demo! Check my site for more info and downloads!!!!

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Released 2009-04-14
Category Adventure
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