Mario Bros 3 Remake!

The game is identical to the original game of Mario Bros 3, contains all the abilities, for example, to fly when takings certain speed, to shoot fireballs, between many others. But the plus surprises of a this game is that it was created with Game Maker. It contains 5 incredible levels, hundreds of objects and enemies. The game is 100% perfect one, for example, something that manages to never incorporate to the game and nobody had obtained it with GM, is the famous one 'again reconstructs enemies' for example, when you destroy enemy and you continue being near where you annihilated it will not appear again, but moves away a little the place and returns later, the again enemy to be created in the position where it was destroyed. Also it contains detailed landscapes and perfect collisions, the platforms can transfer inclusivo underneath. Greetings to all the manufacturers!

Tags: luigi, remake, mario, bros

Released 2007-04-26
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