Pokemon Card Maker

I made this little program for a friend. It's little more than a fun diversion.
Pokémon USA, Inc./Nintendo
(July 2003 - present) owns the Pokemon Trading Card Game.
Pokémon Zeo is where I got the images used http://www.sugarshock.net/zeo/

This may or may not be in violation of some agreements. I don't really know. I only intended this to be used for fun. After all, I wrote it in only two days.

For best play, I recommend downloading it, since I used ini files. Perhaps if I get a groundswell of interest, I'll make several alterations to improve this program.
Ideas for next version:
*Higher quality card scans
*Rotate Picture button
*Right click to reverse cycle through energy types/attack costs/etc
*Improve Scaling features
*Improve Save File
*Ability to make Evolution/Baby/Trainer cards
*Any other recommendations?

That said, press F1 for controls. I hope you enjoy this little program!

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Released 2009-03-23
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