Cube the Worm Game

The classical snake game is now expanded to the 3rd dimension. The basic idea is the same: control the worm and try to eat points avoiding collision with the walls or the other parts of the worm. The more you eat the more the worm grows. There are four different game modes (with their own highscore tables), statistic recording, reflecting walls, pointer for navigating, many textures, great music (by "DJDarkShadow"😉 and lots of options in the settings (in the 3D game menu). This is the LITE version of the game. You can download the FULL version (which is also FREEWARE) at

Tags: worm, snake, cube, the, game

Released 2007-05-03
Category Arcade
Rating 3.6 (by 311 users)
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Version 1
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