Naruto-The Shinobi Wars V6 ADV

V6 ADV release!
- fixed online
- fixed survival bug
- fixed character bugs

List of changes for NSW V6:
- 2 new characters
- Valley of the End map redone
- Random map select
- New character and stage selection interface
- New UI interface
- Fixed online (online has a bug. it is already fixed for v7)
- Set the amount of health you start with (100 - 900)
- Set the amount of kunai you start with (0 - 90 or infinite)
- Naruto: new atk jutsu
- Hinata: new ultimate jutsu
- Shino: new ultimate jutsu
- Rasengan/Chidori clash! Any combination of rasengan or chidori colliding results in jutsu clash!
- And more

Quick Start Guide and FAQ

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