Crash Bandicoot Retro

by Bitsoft

UPDATED! Saving fixed!!

Crash Bandicoot returns to old-style. Classic game-play along with a bunch of other features makes this game of the best Crash games on Yoyogames.

- Intro/Title
- Cutscenes/Full Story
- Warproom with 6 areas
- Save and Load screen from Crash 2 and 3, now with save images.
- 30 levels and 6 bosses.
- 25 Crystals to collect
- 40 Gems, including the 5 Color Gems and 3 New Elemental Gems
- Color Gem Extra Parts
- Time Relics and Records
- Crash's original moves, such as slide, stomp, crawl, duck.
- Variety of crates, including the Checkpoint
- Enemies
- Complete working Bonus Rounds
- Original Pause screen from Crash 2 and 3
- Slide/Duck + Jump gives Crash a higher jump from Crash 2 and 3
- Keep your eyes open, whacky secrets are back
- Different game-play styles such as Polar Riding, Jet Pack, Bug Light, etc.
- Death/Continue screen
- More...

Z: Jump
X: Spin Attack
---> While in air, stomp
---> While moving, slide
---> While standing, duck
---> Hold and move to crawl
Enter: Pause, open the title menu
Left+Right: Move
Esc: Closes without saving

Tags: crash, retro, bandicoot, cortex, uka, aku, naughty, dog, bitsoft

Released 2009-02-12
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Rating 4.1 (by 71 users)
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Version 2
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