boss creator V3

A fun little shmup where you can build your own boss out of 45 different parts, and battle it to the death in your space fighter. V3 features more parts, new graphics, the ability to save and load bosses, and more. If you have any ideas for this game, please leave an idea in the comments, or go to my boss creator forum.

Tags: shmup, bullet, hell, fun, arcade, custom, create, boss, creator, maker, super, special, awesome, bullets, parts, weapons, black, hole, gun, shield, guns, shields, missiles, saw, saws, bosses, save, load, epic, sweetness, v3

Released 2009-02-07
Category Arcade
Rating 4.1 (by 95 users)
Downloads 5176
Version 0
ID 69926
Slug boss-creator-v3