Super Slime Soccer 4

by Jenner

Download the final version from:
A well polished, actionpacked and humorous extension
of the classic Slime Soccer browser game. It features lots of different slimes,
areas and game modes, such as Story mode, Versus mode, Championship and
Quickplay mode. Each slime has it's own special ability, which allows the player
to explore the slime's different forces and weaknesses. As the singleplayer
modes are completed, a huge selection of slimes will be unlocked.
It is highly recommended that you Super Slime Soccer against a friend,
as it will allow you the most exiting gameplay.

Player 1:
Arrow keys and spacebar
Player 2:
ASDW and 1

Released 2009-02-07
Category Arcade
Rating 3.8 (by 28 users)
Downloads 40627
Version 0
ID 69862
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