Naruto- Fire vs Sound Beta

by billyro

Current version: 10 (beta)

Thank you for all your comments! Please, note from now on, that I will not be replying to anymore messages I get. I'm sorry for all the people who want my help in creating games, but it takes too long to explain it all. Thank you for supporting this game until it's completion, for now, its only a beta, because of any bugs that may still be lurking in there.

Ok, so this is the beta, basically, find some bugs and I'll fix them and upload the final version. Enjoy!

My sequel to Naruto: Ultimate Weapon, if you liked that game then you'll love this. Please join my forum if you have complaints, suggestions or just want to help out. the forum:
So far this game has
-20 characters with 3 jutsu each
-massive 8 player battles
-mission mode (more coming)
-options for configure various settings
-shop mode
-control configuration
through the development of this game there will be many more things coming, so join the forum to catch up on whats happening.
right now this game is 9.5MB due to my idea of using 1 object for all 8 players, so it will load very fast!

Player 1:
WASD: move
B: attack
N: throw
M: jump
H: charge chakra
J: execute jutsu
Player 2:
Arrow Keys: move
keypad1: attack
keypad2: throw
keypad3: jump
keypad5: charge chakra
keypad6: execute jutsu

This is how everything other thing works. EG. Teleporting
double tap left/right key: teleport sideways
double tap up key: high jump (uses double jump)
jump key in air: double jump
down arrow key: defend (this only works for about a second)
press attack key multiple times: multiple attacks

How to perform jutsu:
hold your execute jutsu key (J/keypad6) and press your attack, throw or jump key to do jutsu.

Please rate and enjoy!

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