by chicken

Mikro Version 1.8

Under the reigning of the Sorcerer, none can live in peace. The Sorcerer deployed many mindless Krads around the world and tormented the lives of millions to protect his throne. The Sorcerer must be vanquished.

In a small village, a young Mikro somehow possessed the power to cast magic. He decided to make good use of this endowment to exterminate the Krads as well as the atrocious Sorcerer.

Can he make it till the end?
His fate is up to you to decide.

This is an RPG I've made after Realm Of Monsters III. Featuring abilities levelling, equipments, and random generated dungeons. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Oh yeah, press F1 for help.

Version changes:
- Improved graphics
- More Balanced Gameplay
- Fixed the important Lag Issue

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Released 2009-01-04
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