Mars Conflict

Welcome to the world where the faith of humanity depends
on a click of the mouse!

Mars Conflict is a top down arcade space shooter.
The plot is set in the year 2166. Your are a space
fighter pilot and must blast your way through hordes
of incoming martian spaceships to help earth's forces
win a devastating interplanetary war.

The game features classic space fighter mechanics -
massive enemy forces are coming towards you, while you
must dodge their attacks, at the same time trying to
destroy them with your own powerful weaponry. Detailed
graphics and spectacular sprite effects, followed by
powerful sound effects, and comfortable mouse controls
to set your other hand free for a coffe break - that's
everything an arcade lover could ever dream about!

Simple but immersive mouse controls;
3 difficulty levels;
6 challenging levels of intense combat;
16 different enemy types + 6 bosses;
7 main weapon levels and 6 bonuses;
Tons of particle effects!

Tags: mars, conflict

Released 2008-12-23
Category Arcade
Rating 4.0 (by 555 users)
Downloads 7383
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ID 64840
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