Halo Gallant Girl

Version 2.1 is a major update:
*Fixed audio card compatibility
*Fixed video card compatibility
Points system
Interactive Menus
Difficulty selection
Hidden Skulls
Bonus Level
Pause game (Press Space)
Level Codes

The Game Gear version of the www.2bitproductions.com retro Halo platfrom shooter.

You play as Kelly, one of the surviving Spartan Super Soldiers.

After stumbling on a Covenant operation, Kelly must stop what could be the biggest threat to earth yet. With the help of Dr. Catherine Halsey she will explore an alien world with hidden Forerunner technology as deadly as any ring world.

This Game Gear version is in full 8-Bit color. Small touches like the screen lines of the Game Gear help date the game and make it feel more like you're playing on a real Sega Game Gear

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Released 2008-12-18
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