Planet Attack!

A unique fast-paced 2D real-time strategy game for the Save The Planet competition. Save your planet, by destroying everyone else's.

The game contains a tutorial and a quick help menu, so you shouldn't need the information below 😉. Have fun.


Middle mouse button to move, and scroller to zoom in/out. You can now also use Up/Down/Left/Right to move the view.

Click the planets listed at the top of the screen (or the blue circles on the edges) to automatically navigate to that planet.

Click the icons next to the planets to use that attack.

Tags: competition04, planet, attack, defense, unique, real, time, strategy, fast, paced, 2d, rts, planet, attack

Released 2008-12-02
Category Strategy
Rating 3.3 (by 48 users)
Downloads 251
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ID 62327
Slug planet-attack