Fields of War 1,6

by Evayr


!! Note: Instant-Play will mess up the graphics, use at own risk. !!

1,6 The stable and run and gun version of Fields of War. I've removed all the online stuff since it was hopeless on YoYoGames. Now it is a run and gun shooter now.

--Credits to BlackHawkRobbo--

3 maps, 2 game modes!

- Killhouse
- Maze
- Frost

Game modes:
- Team Death Match
- Capture The Flag

Have fun! Please report any bugs/glitches/ whatever 😊

YouTube film about FoW:

Please visit our website:
...And my current project:

Cheers and enjoy!


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Released 2008-11-06
Category Shooter
Rating 4.0 (by 99 users)
Downloads 3829
Version 3
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Slug fields-of-war-16