The Legend of Zelda: Trapped in ...

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My Greatest work ever! Please enjoy this massive game, including a gigantic overworld, 12 dungeons, multiple weapons, and an army of foes.
Story: There is an ancient tale of a parallel world to our own. A world of shadows said to be the very birthplace of evil. Through a mysterious turn of events, Link was sealed in that very world of darkness. His only hope lies in the Triforce, a relic of the gods said to be able to grant any wish. Can Link conquer the Dark World, or will light finally fade to darkness? Join Link on his most dangerous quest yet, traversing a massive overworld, conquering 12 unique dungeons, and slaying an army of deadly beasts. But most importantly, have fun!

Tags: the, legend, of, zelda, trapped, in, the, dark, world

Released 2008-11-02
Category Adventure
Rating 4.2 (by 273 users)
Downloads 9750
Version 12
ID 58369
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