Monster Truck Mania!

Now with racing capabilities!!
Race an artificial monster truck!!
have fun

This is a Monster Truck Racing Game in which you have to traverse over various objects including boulders, mountains, and cannons.
There are currently five levels, which are; The Peaceful Mountain, Stormy Hill, Winter Wonderland, Nighttime Rendezvous, and HELL!.
I have just added NOS!, which will give you a huge boost for a few seconds.
Many people have downloaded my game, and I have not gotten a single bad rating. I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I enjoyed making it.

I also have a level editor

This was made using GM Physics

Tags: monster, truck, physics, mario, zelda

Released 2007-07-03
Category Arcade
Rating 3.5 (by 115 users)
Downloads 5132
Version 4
ID 5484
Slug monster-truck-mania