RE-DOOM beta

This is RE-DOOM, a cloned version of DOOM remade in Gamemaker.

When in-game, type these cheats in:
urgod - God Mode
urnoclip - No Clipping Mode
gunnernutter - All weapons and full ammo
gatekeeper - All keys
healthfreak - Full health and armour
ilikebigguns - Secret Weapon
theolddays - Ragtime DOOM Mode
discodoom - Disco Mode
icantsee - Fog of Death Mode
killall - Kill all enemies
itsalive - All dead enemies live
uksdebug - Brings up the debug menu
urdead - Kills the player
interpolateme - Interpolates the textures
nothappywiththat - Peter Mode

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Released 2008-09-21
Category Shooter
Rating 3.9 (by 144 users)
Downloads 3892
Version 3
ID 53397
Slug re-doom-beta