Gauntlet Revisited

This is my version of the classic TDS Gauntlet...

New Version!! All bugs (including the surface error) have now been fixed!!!

You play as a Warrior, a Valkyrie, a Wizard or a Ranger through 30 levels of monster mayhem! There are hidden treasure vaults, traps, and reliquaries, as well as a basic stats system to personalise your avatar. Completing the game opens up Champion mode, and for every five levels that you pass there are more entries in the bestiary... Over a year in the making, I hope you enjoy it!

Please post with any bugs on the GMC (here)

Tags: gauntlet, revisited, fantasy, tds, shooter, rpg, maze

Released 2008-09-07
Category Shooter
Rating 4.6 (by 471 users)
Downloads 32237
Version 25
ID 51922
Slug gauntlet-revisited