A simple card-based dungeon crawl. Explore randomly generated dungeons, collecting treasure and items and avoiding traps. Each game takes less than 30min - simple but addictive.

Post your high scores in the comments! Mine is 84350.

Incidentally, the game is meant to be played without creating a pen & paper map. You can play it however you like, but its more fun if you just use your memory.

Some people were getting errors about non-existent surfaces. I think I fixed it. If you get an error like that, let me know.

Note: the Disarm Trap scroll is not pointless. Traps reset themselves after being triggered and you have to come back the way you came to win the game, so it is useful to be able to disarm traps that have already been triggered.

Tags: loot

Released 2008-08-27
Category Strategy
Rating 3.8 (by 215 users)
Downloads 7143
Version 13
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