Scandux Online v72

by coollog

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v72 is out, and v73 is on its way!
There are now 250+ items, 60+ areas to explore, 30+ monsters to fight, including 2 bosses, a bank (you have to get slots opened by admins), and more!
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Finally, the SO v70++ is out! Enjoy the new 90+ items, 10+ new areas, 5+ new monsters, chat bubbles, and much, much more! Including fixed bugs!!!

Scandux is a fun and growing online multiplayer adventure game with its own original and unique style! Best thing is that the server is up most, if not all of the day! You can mine ores, smith them, hunt monsters, buy/sell items, and much more! Come and join the fun now! Have fun!

Hundreds of years ago, there was a tradition that went on every year. This tradition was called the 'Ritual of Lava' in which people would make a voyage to the center of the volcano and dance, sing and party around the rim of the volcano.

On this day of tradition, many generations ago, a child was born, his name was Sacheel. He was a happy child, with a pure heart, and not a care in the world, however as he started to age, he was neglected by his parents more and more, to the point where he started to drift away from his family ties. He took many supplies and began to travel away from civilization.

Sacheel traveled for a long time, hate growing within him, when eventually he stumbled upon the volcano. It towered over him like a hill to an ant, it's very power seemed to pulse warmth, even to where Sacheel stood. These warm pulses drew Sacheel closer to the volcano, he stepped to the foot of the volcano, looking towards the summit, at which he knew the party took place. He knew well that there must be an entrance to the volcano somewhere, so he began trekking. Along the way, Sacheel saw many things, a farmer raising his chikkens to be strong, strong, large apple trees that swayed in the strong wind of the day, and many people.

As night began to fall, and Sacheel grew tired and hungry, he stumbled over a large hill to see a large cave opening, and it was facing the volcano! He quickly stumbled towards it and tripped on the way inside.

Picking himself up from the dirty ground on which he fell, he began to look around. He appeared to be in a dimly lit cavern with several lamps and a few large rocks, that seemed to contain metal. He sat down, and heard a hearty laugh to his left, he turned to see a large man offering a helping hand. Sacheel took the man's hand and stood up. "Who are you?" Asked Sacheel suspiciously. "My name is Martin," the man boomed, his voice echoing down the long cavern. "Would you like something to eat, boy? You look starved."

- PART 2 -

Sacheel followed Martin through many tunnels, until they came upon a large clearing in the rocks. There was a circular living space with a large bonfire, a small bed of hay and many tables and rocks scattered all around. The tables were littered with food, sparkling drinks in clay pitchers and many other things. The room was warm and inviting, and for the first time in years, Sacheel felt welcome.

"Sit down," Martin commanded and Sacheel did as he said immediately, sinking against a large rock that was covered with a blanket for comfort. "What would you like to eat, boy?" Martin asked, his voice welcoming and kind. "Anything edible," Sacheel muttered back. Though Sacheel was not the nicest company, Martin remained cheery and began preparing a large meal for Sacheel.

As Martin began cutting a loaf of bread, he turned to Sacheel. "So, what is you name, boy?" he asked. Sacheel shifted in his seat. His name, is had been so long since he needed to know his name! After a moment of thinking, he finally responded, "My name is Sacheel." He responded, with just an air of hatred in his voice. Ignoring Sacheel's tone, Martin continued, "Ah, Sacheel, that is an interesting name! Say, would you like to join me for a party tomorrow night?" Sacheel bolted up now, alert. "What party?" He hissed. "The Ritual of Lava of course boy! Haven't you ever heard of it?"

Sacheel was quite mad now, "Do I know that festival? I was born on the day of that festival!" Still ignoring the tone of Sacheel's voice, Martin continued, "Ah, that's fantastic, happy birthday boy!" Now Sacheel stood up and looked at Martin, quietly growling, "Do you think I sound happy about that? Do you think I look happy? NO! that day that I was brought into this world was the beginning of my sadness, my parents neglected me! That festival stands for all that is bad in my life!!"

Martin, now seeing the hatred in Sacheel's eyes began to worry, he stuttered, "Boy, you'd better take a seat and calm down, I'm very sorry that this happened, but I didn't know, please, I'm sure there was good in your life," Sacheel cut him off by stealing a stick from the bonfire, it's tip was on fire, the flame dancing back and forth in front of Martin. "Don't you dare try to cheer me up, it won't work. I don't need to hear any more from you!" Sacheel roared, "Now, leave me be." Sacheel grabbed a loaf of bread from a table and took a fierce bite out of it as he left the dwelling.

Sacheel began following the long, dark tunnels, using the stick as a torch, he knew he was heading up, but he had no idea where he was. After Sacheel had maneuvered the dark caverns for an hour, he collapsed, and the torch flew out of his hands, and blew out. All that was left was a small ember. Realizing what he ad just done, Sacheel grabbed the stick and furiously blew on the ember, trying to spark a fire again, but it was lost, no ember came, and Sacheel was stuck in the dark caverns. He laid down, took another bite of the soft bread, and fell asleep on the cold, muddy cave floor.

Sacheel woke the next morning to the first light of dawn. He woke very suddenly and looked towards the source of light, and he turned to see the sun glaring at him from the end of a tunnel, Sacheel ran to the end of the tunnel, and stopped abruptly. He stood at the end of the passage, overlooking a pit of lava. The small cavern's only exit seemed to be down, but he looked up to see the summit of the volcano only a few feet away. Sacheel waited through the day, watching the lava bubble and hiss at him, knowing that going back now was far too risky.

the day passed, and as night fell, Sacheel began to hear voices talking and singing, he heard instruments playing, he began yelling. Sacheel's desperate cries for help, however, were drowned out by the party. Sitting on an overhang the led to certain death, Sacheel waited for help. The party ran through most of the night and Sacheel was getting desperate, he began screaming, hoping someone would hear him. To no avail.

It was just before midnight when eventually, a person who was looking at the marvelous power and light of the volcano spotted Sacheel. He ran over to Sacheel, "Grab my hand!" He yelled to Sacheel over the music. Sacheel made a leap and grasped the man's hand. Sacheel was now dangling over the edge of Armageddon. The lava seemed to react to this, bubbling more, and flashing light. The man tried desperately to pull Sacheel up, but Sacheel was too heavy. Sacheel began to sweat from the heat of the volcano, and his hand began slipping.

Despite the man's attempts to save him, Sacheel fell, and perished. As he touched the lava, however, his soul was released, and the lava blasted upwards, as if trying to capture Sacheel's soul. The dark ball that was his soul drifted away, and the lava calmed back down, and drew back, then it began to slowly solidify.

Sacheel had died the same day of his birth, his soul wandered for many years, until it lay at rest, full of hatred. Sacheel used his hatred to gain power. He would have his revenge on society for ruining his mortal life. He began to spawn fierce monsters which he called Dark Matter, to wreak havok on the land. He corrupted many of the creatures of the land, along with much life in general. The apple trees died, and the apples grew and came alive, the chikkens became fierce and evil, and many other creatures were mutated too.

Sacheel wants his revenge, and he must be stopped.

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