Wage wars on a variety of randomly-generated maps, above and below the surface.

Command the giant warriors of the Leafcutter Ants, the hordes of the Army Ants, or the tactical Fire Ant army.

Build a base.
Gather resources.
Train an army.
Crush the opposition.

* 2-4 players.
* Options for bloom lighting and shadows.
* 3 unique factions, with 5 units per faction.
* Dawn, Day, Dusk, and Night time settings.
* Backyard, Lush, Desert, and Rocky environments.
* Normal and Large sized maps available. (LARGE ONLY RECOMMENDED ON FAST COMPUTERS!)

Tags: strategy, ant, competition03

Released 2008-08-20
Category Strategy
Rating 4.0 (by 303 users)
Downloads 25071
Version 4
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Slug ant