Gravity The Early Years

by ideaz

A platform/RPG with a twist - you can flip your gravity. Journey backwards through time and meet a younger version of yourself, then collect the four Chrono Keys to return to the future and defeat the Evil Orb King.

Use the arrow keys to move and SPACE to flip your gravity (controls are explained in-game).

Credits are inside the game. If you see something uncredited or credit for the wrong person, please PM me.

Please be patient with loading! It's 8.09MB.

Update 19/10/08:
-Skipping function added
-Mountain glitch fixed
-Typo corrected
-Room caption added

Update 25/11/08:
-Farmer Jack's farm easier
-Another mountain glitch fixed
-Save point earlier in Farmer Jack's farm
-Muting function added

Update 21/12/08:
-Small details corrected
-Penultimate boss glitches fixed
-New arrow firing key
-Yet another mountain glitch fixed

Tags: competition03, gravity, flip, time, travel, platform, platformer, rpg, roleplay, rob, jr, ruppel, delgon, rakat, evil, orb, king, battle, damage, comp03, competition, the, early, years

Released 2008-08-18
Category Platform
Rating 3.3 (by 118 users)
Downloads 4506
Version 1
ID 49190
Slug gravity-the-early-years