Battle High : Team Up

a tag team (2 vs 2) based 2d fighting game. You can switch between your 2 characters by pressing the 'Shift' Key.

Controls are A,S,Q,W for normal attacks, ->A/S for specials, D for guard and D+A/Q for parry. Directional keys are used for walk, dash and jump. By pressing the Shift key, you can switch between your 2 characters

Your option for winning is determined by winning 2 out 3 rounds. You can defeat your opponent through knock out or by having more energy than your opponent when time runs out.
There are 5 available characters to choose from and 2 more on the way.

Tags: fighting, fight, competition03, battle, high, team, up, battle, team, up

Released 2008-08-03
Category Arcade
Rating 3.8 (by 293 users)
Downloads 7271
Version 4
ID 46960
Slug battle-high--team-up