by Pallas

The Olympic Ninja Festival is going on, somewhere in an ancient village in Japan.
Mysterious earthquakes threaten the festival. Who will venture through those dangerous mountains,
full of dazzling puzzles, to search for the source of the menace?
Yes, good guess - you.

Ninjamboree is an original and humorous puzzle platform, in which you have to use the abilities of your ninjas to succeed.
A breathing atmosphere makes Ninjamboree a game to love.

Made by Martijn Oei (14) and Jacob Bakermans (15).

Music by KSK Productions:

Tags: competition03, ninja, jamboree, festival, olympic, japan, earthquake, dragon, destructable, terrain, puzzle, platform, asia, ninjamboree, cooperation, pallas, jaccie, adventure, ninjas, japanese

Released 2008-07-31
Category Platform
Rating 4.0 (by 406 users)
Downloads 8242
Version 16
ID 46551
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