Chao Life

Chao Life
'The Real Chao Simulator'

I have created a game that allows you to create and play as a Chao. You can play games, collect rings, enter competitions, customise your garden, watch T.V, visit a plastic surgeon and everything else you would expect from a light-hearted childs game!

As your Chao gets older and you improve its stats with food and/or Chaos Drives, it will transform based on its type (Hero, Neutral and Dark,) and also its stats. There are over 30 different types of Chao to be, and you can even include your own...what will you become?

Note: This is a compact version of the full game, a link to the full game is within this game if you want it.

Tags: sonic, chao, life, game, simulator, fun, raising, minigames, minigame, garden

Released 2008-07-26
Category Other
Rating 4.0 (by 150 users)
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Version 2
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