Snalien Catastropic

The intergalactic bountyhunter(s), Reddeck and Schobb, who by some reason are stuck into the body of a giant snail, crashes on Earth! Their ship is wrecked, and parts from it are spread out all over the island, as are their weaponry. Only one thing to do, get out there and find them!

You can pick up (mouse click) most things that you encounter, and store them in thier microscopic, invulsionpowered inventory. From there, you can later use the different items (read : Eat). Yeah, you eat them, and react differently depending on what you are shoving down your big throath, or Schobbs throath, to be correct. Gain health, become solid, throw up, save the game...etc.

Read through the controlls before you pick New Game as well. They aren't many, but important, and do remember the defence mode (Shift), or you'll be very vurnerable! Also, you can press Q to skip the dialogues, but I recommend you to listen to them the first time, as they hold valuable information.

Now get out there and fight!

Tags: island, animation, beautiful, rpg, snalien, catastropic

Released 2007-06-20
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