Deathworm Remake Beta

This is a remake of the old but awesome Deathworm game.

You are a giant worm growing up and getting hungrier.

You must move from the desert to the city, where juicier meals lie.

On the way you must satisfy your hunger and surivive the Human's attempts to eliminate you.

But for now, only the base game engine/art and one arena are available.

The worm and game settings are fully customizable too.

CONTROLS: arrow keys to move around, esc to go to menu

CREATURES: various humans, birds and underground rodents and worms.


- Detailed environment art - everything is fully original

- Boulders that you can knock around, throw in the air to hit birds or roll along to hit humans

- Smooth particle effects for dirt sprays when you dive in the ground, and for blood & gore

- Specially designed dirt tunnelng & overlay effect

- Fully original animated worm tail and enemies

- Gory sound effects when you score a kill

- Customize your worm!

Interchangable body and head pieces, up to 9 tail sections and custom colour schemes.

- Customize the arena!

Change the room speed, and also gravity if you're having trouble getting those pesky birds up high.


- Actual storyline with in-game commentary

- 5 Unlockable arenas with unique environment art and different creatures

- A wide array of creatures and army units (10-15)

- Hunger - Rage - Health system that awards you for combos and hurts you if you get hungry

- Coming soon!

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Released 2008-06-23
Category Arcade
Rating 3.9 (by 135 users)
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Version 2
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