Mario Builder V11-4

Mario Builder is a long-running project designed to let anyone easily create their very own Mario games! There are TONS of things to choose from: 15 power-ups, Over 100 different enemies, Over 1100 tiles, a wide variety of platforms and obstacles, secret exits, over 40 songs, over 40 backgrounds, 5 Yoshi colors, and much more! With the ability to upload songs, backgrounds, and tiles, this list goes on infinitely! There is also an overworld editor, title screen editor, an example file, a storyline writer, and the best feature of all which is your imagination and creativity to make the best game possible! Enjoy using this program as much as I did making it.

Mario Builder was made by Ting_Thing (that's me) uses heavily modified versions of Hello's and djrellik's engines. Check out Mario Builder's website made by Mario302 at To see a list of updates, go to

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Released 2008-06-08
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