Blue Buddy 2

In this new version you can use hotkeys in the menu, when have the cursor glitch.
The adventure of Blue Buddy continues in this new game Blue Buddy 2! With 40 levels and 5 different landscape categories!
The collsions are not very good, but okay, it's playable.
And there is one glitch where you can cheat with, I don't know what the problem is, but I don't tell which glitch it is.
Have fun!

Tags: danielw, fuzzy, future, games, blue, buddy, second, platform, puzzle, portal, landscape, pyramids, snow, ice, pyramid, jungle, desert, volcano, lava, water, spike, castle

Released 2008-05-07
Category Platform
Rating 3.3 (by 462 users)
Downloads 10225
Version 1
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