Ancient Ants Adventure

Isometric Shooter / Tactic

- You are a commander! Command a squad of battle ants.
- You are a strategist! Choose wisely the weaponry and the formation of your troops.
- You are a hero! Save missing ants and reinforce your army.
- Terrorize. Crush moles and frightened underground inhabitants will give you their gold.
- Collect. The more gold you find the better will be the equipment of your army.
- Serve. Complete all the divine tasks and your labour will be rewarded with a bonus level.

- 20 levels campaign + 2 secret levels.
- 3 game modes: Survival, Defence, Domination, and a bonus mini-game.
- 8 types of weapons and 8 spells with 3 upgrade levels.
- Cheat codes.
- Online highscores.


Tags: competition02, ancient, ants, adventure, isometric, action, shooter, tactic

Released 2008-05-03
Category Shooter
Rating 4.8 (by 1519 users)
Downloads 48898
Version 6
ID 34591
Slug ancient-ants-adventure