The Power

by AAG

DOWNLOAD for source files and original version . Updates list bellow .
The Power is a platform/adventure game with the focus on exploration and action,no puzzles.It has 5 different locations on one planet,many weapons,items and upgrades.There are also plenty of boss fights and 2 different endings depending if you get all items or not.The graphics style and the game overall is simplistic but still i hope you have a good time.

Here is the updates list :

- All room speeds changed from 30 to 60 , as a result nearly every object had to be edited , all speeds had to be reduced , all alarm timers had to be increased , all sprite speeds had to be increased , many animations needed additional images . A room speed of 60 makes the game run smoother and everything looks way better because of this .
- The controls have been greatly improved , first we had : one button for every selection on the main menu and in game options , now we just select options with arrows up and down and enter .We also had one button for every weapon and item on the game weirdly placed in the middle of the keyboard ( C V B N ) now we have one primary fire button and one secondary fire button and you just press down to select secondary weapons .
- I cleaned trough the code of almost every object eliminating unnecessary actions and variables .
- Reduced the annoyance level of some enemies .
- First weapon now has automatic fire .
- Added variable jump height .
- Room transition objects reduced from over a hundred to just 4 .
- Minor sprite edits and additions .
- Minor sound edits and additions .
- Minor bug corrections .
- Minor text edits .

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Released 2008-04-28
Category Adventure
Rating 4.8 (by 535 users)
Downloads 14366
Version 18
ID 33982
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