Math Magic

by chicken

Math Magic is a math game, half RPG, half Arcade style. Play as a magician and try to get the highest score by unleashing combos.

The main objective of the game is to clear the area by defeating all the monsters, and walk off the edge of the map to advance to the next level. To cast a magic on monsters, walk towards them, a Target Circle and a Question will appear above them. Key in the correct answer using the Numpad (Suggested) and press Enter to unleash a spell. By repeating the process, you eventually will kill a monster and earn an experience point (indicated by a Gold Coin icon). Be careful though, each incorrect answer will spawn a White Spirit and you will get hurt by it.

When your experience point reaches the requirement, your maximum health (Indicated by a Heart icon) and your attack power (Indicated by a red Target symbol) will increase.

If you hit an enemy before the Combo meter becomes empty, you will raise a Combo Level. If you break the chain (Condition: Combo Meter becomes empty, Wrong Answer), your score will increase according to your Combo Level.

This game is best played with a Desktop instead of a Laptop. Enjoy!

Press F1 for help.

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Released 2008-04-03
Category Strategy
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