Mario Bros 3 Engine by DjrelliK ...

This is the lastest version of my mario bros 3 replica engine that will ever be released. Althought it isn't complete for the fact that there is still some stuff I wanted to add, the engine itself is fully working and you can play in the current levels without any major problem like a normal game. Also demonstrating that gm is good enough to replicate a real game.

By the way, this one isn't open source and I don't think about releasing the sources before a while because I have some stuffs to clean and I don't really feel like it.

The controls are in the help file and you can also use the gamepad.

I also made a video by the way showing a gameplay demonstration. You can take a look before downloading if you want.

For your information, Levels 1-2-3-4 and the first mushroom house (which contain the original level 1-1) are complete and the levels 6-8 are playable. The rest contains the debug level.

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Released 2008-03-10
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