Cronotek TDS-Engine

PLEASE NOTE: This is an open-source engine for GM7 Pro and GM8 Pro.

Cronotek TDS-Engine is a flexible and easy-to-use engine for creating Top-Down Shooter games. About 95% of the code is done using Drag+Drop commands, making it very friendly to new users. The engine includes 3 fully playable missions right from the get-go, allowing the user to easily identify how everything works.


- Fully commented code so you don't get lost.

- Weapon Database for easy editing of new and existing weapons.

- Weapon swap and knife features.

- Mission system with saving and loading games.

- Dummy bullet system for giving weapons additional properties.
(ex. rocket launcher smoke trail + explosion)

- Intelligent enemies that obey Line of Sight rules.

- and much more!

NOTE: This engine requires a registered version of Game Maker 7.

If you use this engine for your game, credit is appreciated but not required.

However do NOT post the source code as your own. This is plagiarism, and I will report it.

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Released 2008-03-07
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