Shotgun Ninja

by cactus

This is a ninja game which focuses on getting a good highscore. Use your maneuvers to navigate and kill enemies.


Left arrow: Run left, cling to wall

Right arrow: Run right, cling to wall

Up arrow: Jump, wall jump, cling to ceiling, heighten grenade throwing angle

Down arrow: Look down, lower grenade throwing angle

Z: Shoot (not when jumping)

X: Throw grenade

Music by goto8o/HT

Tags: difficult, platformer, ninja, action, grenades, explosions, cool, amazing, poppenkast, eo, cactus, retro, old, c64, pixels, stylish, shotgun

Released 2008-03-05
Category Platform
Rating 3.9 (by 249 users)
Downloads 5719
Version 1
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