Cheese Megadventure

by Darkleo

Welcome to this spin-off of Chao World series where you can take control of Cheese the chao and jump into a colorful world with 7 great levels richs of platforms, enemies, and little puzzles to resolve to get the magic Phantom Crystals and restore the peace in Chao World! Hey! Don't forget about the 7 funny minigames in the Rainbow Room! It's an addictive game! Enter in Chao World!

Tags: cheese, megadventure, chao, world, sega, snes, mega, drive, genesis, star, fruits, jump, platform, swim, evil, dark, sonic, tails

Released 2007-05-30
Category Platform
Rating 3.5 (by 147 users)
Downloads 4550
Version 3
ID 2760
Slug cheese-megadventure