by Darkleo

Dragonia is in danger! The evil Daimon is wake up and wants his revenge! You must be find all the fire emblems by using the particular abilities of Doku, Pyro and Flea, three Lizardmen then lives on Dragonia. In the game you will find 8 levels, save system, boss stages and a beautiful shop where you can spend your golds in very useful items! Come on, Dragonia needs your help!!!

Tags: lizardmen, sega, mega, drive, genesis, snes, classic, map, quest, fire, lizard, dragon, lava, jungle, temple, rpg, doku, pyro, flea, nintendo

Released 2007-05-30
Category Platform
Rating 3.6 (by 249 users)
Downloads 9335
Version 3
ID 2758
Slug lizardmen