HEAVY - The First Form v1.0

Action game with 38 2D stages + 4 3D stages in 5 big levels + bonus level, weapon upgrades, 6 types of ammo. For commentary and bugs: ada_ot_ada@abv.bg

Tags: heavy, hella, ada, jungle, girl, woman, female, gun, car, egypt, pyramid, spaceship, future, comet, gaia, mutant, alien, temple, human, red, snow, city, eye, coliseum, weapon, fire, nuke, crystal, god, ra, island, machine, robot, laser, shield, stage, level, cutscene, heavy, the, first, form, v1

Released 2008-03-01
Category Platform
Rating 3.8 (by 48 users)
Downloads 1195
Version 10
ID 27306
Slug heavy---the-first-form-v10