Super Mario Kart Racers 1.032

This was my first GM game. IS A SEQUEL IN THE WORKS??!?!?!?! Based on SNES Mario Kart including ideas from the newer Kart games.
1-4 Players (splitscreen);
26 drivers; Alternate costumes; 4 cups of 5 courses; 4 speed classes; 4 difficulties;
New Items; Custom Item Sets; 2 Steering Modes;
4 Modes: Grand Prix, Time Trials, Match Race, Battle

Tags: racing, race, smk, super, mario, kart, racers, car, circuit, joypad, gamepad, multiplayer, snes, 031, 032, mario, racers

Released 2008-02-13
Category Arcade
Rating 3.9 (by 712 users)
Downloads 38140
Version 19
ID 25391
Slug super-mario-kart-racers-1032